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Private West Oahu Island Tour

Looking for a genuine Hawaiian experience unlike any other? Get ready to leave high-rise hotels and crowded sidewalks behind as we venture off to Oahu’s forbidden fruit: the Leeward Side. Transport yourself to some of Hawaii’s most stunning sites on our premier tour.

​This off-the-beaten-track adventure is not for the typical tourist. The Forbidden Tour is designed for active travelers of all levels looking to explore the farthest corners of the island. Hawaii Deluxe Travel is one of the few travel companies on the island that offers a West side excursion, guaranteed to ignite any traveler’s sense of wanderlust on an escape into the wild. This tour gives travelers a chance to get acquainted with the local island style of life.
Travelers pursuing the road less traveled will be immersed in the most remote and wild reaches of our island. The journey winds along an undeveloped coastline, situated between rugged mountains and pristine white sand beaches. Our experienced guides will personalize your journey to your preferred level of adrenaline intensity from beginners to advanced thrill-seekers.

This guided excursion provides the unique opportunity to explore secret caves locations unknown to most locals. Jump through a wet cave’s heart-shaped entrance, and bask in the Pacific’s turquoise waters. Further on, our experienced guide will lead through a dry volcanic cave, where nature’s rough beauty waits just beyond the opening. The isolated westernmost point, a wildlife sanctuary, is only accessible on foot. The unpaved oceanfront hike to Ka’ena Point takes you to rock bridges, blowholes, picturesque waters, and offers opportunities to see some of Hawaii’s most endangered species.
Finally, relax and soak in the Hawaiian sun at a remote beach that few tourists have the pleasure to enjoy. Watch huge waves crash onto shore as you enjoy a beach-picnic of local food and beverages.

For many travelers, this unique voyage to Oahu’s west side often becomes the highlight of their trip. This Tour offers a real Hawaiian experience, one with a spirit of genuine Aloha.

Private West Oahu Tour price: $230 per person (Minimum 2 Guests.Children under age 5: FREE)

Pick up at any location in Waikiki is at 9 am. Drop off off around 4 pm. For all other pickup location please contact us. All tours are 100% private.

Oahu west side
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