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Private Movie Site Tour

Would you like to see where Tom Selleck swam in the ocean in front of Robin`s nest in the old Magnum P.I. television series? Would you like to order something to eat or drink from the new Magnum P.I.`s Kamehameha Club? Would you like to stop by Lt. Commander Steve McGarrett`s house from Hawaii Five-0 or take some photos of the Hawaii Five-0 Headquarters? Would you like to see where Jurassic Park, Jurassic World, 50 First Dates, Godzilla, King Kong, Pearl Harbor, LOST and many other movies and TV shows were filmed? If your answer is Yes then get ready to travel back in time ...

Private Movie Site Tour price: $230 per person (Minimum 2 Guests. Children under age 5: FREE)

Prices include all admissions. Price does not include lunch.

Pick up at any location in Waikiki is at 9 am. Drop off off around 4 pm. For all other pickup location please contact us. All tours are 100% private.

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