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Private Grand Circle Oahu Island Tour

This 100% private tour is the real deal! It is designed to show you the best Oahu has to offer in one single day and create unforgettable memories of your vacation.


Private Full day Pearl Harbor Deluxe Tour

Take a journey back in time with our private full day luxury tour to Pearl Harbor. Our tour visits iconic landmarks in American history, including the USS Arizona Memorial, Battleship Missouri, USS Bowfin submarine and the Pearl Harbor Aviation Museum.

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Private Movie site Tour

Would you like to see where Tom Selleck swam in the ocean in front of Robin`s nest in the old Magnum P.I. television series? Would you like to order something to eat or drink from the new Magnum P.I.`s Kamehameha Club? Would you like to stop by Lt. Commander Steve McGarrett`s house from Hawaii Five-0 or take some photos of the Hawaii Five-0 Headquarters? Would you like to see where Jurassic Park, Jurassic World, 50 First Dates, Godzilla, King Kong, Pearl Harbor, LOST and many other movies and TV shows were filmed? If your answer is Yes then get ready to travel back in time ...


Private Oahu Nature Photo Tour

Enjoy the colorful nature of Oahu. We will take you to an exciting full day photo tour where you will be able to take the best shots of your vacation. During the day we will see breathtaking lookouts, a very peaceful buddhist temple, botanical gardens with beautiful flowers, fruits and trees.  Relax along hidden lakes and take some exceptional photos of the mountains surrounding you.


Private Pearl Harbor - Arizona Memorial Tour

Turn back time as we explore WWII history at Pearl Harbor and relive the infamous Sunday morning of December 7, 1941. A visit to the visitor center and the accompanying “Road to War” and “Attack” exhibit galleries that display pictures and recovered items from the events which transpired at Pearl Harbor and WWII.


Private West Oahu Island Tour

Looking for a genuine Hawaiian experience unlike any other? Get ready to leave high-rise hotels and crowded sidewalks behind as we venture off to Oahu’s forbidden fruit: the Leeward Side. Transport yourself to some of Hawaii’s most stunning sites on our premier private tour.

Why are we different and better than the "others"?


We offer a professional, luxurious, private day with geological & cultural information along with folklore, fun facts, movie information and much more.

Oahu is flooded with large tour companies with even bigger buses then their appetite to turn a large profit. Would you like to spend an all day tour with 60 other people on an overpriced tour bus? ​We didn't think so.

At Hawaii Deluxe Travel we have reinvented the way a tour should be done. Private, luxurious, affordable and informative.

Our tours are 100% private and catered to you and your group's needs:

  • We stop where you want

  • We take a break when you want

  • We eat where you want

  • We pamper your needs

  • After all, it is your tour

Our tours are done in luxury and our prices are close to that of a big tour bus.

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